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Guitar Center’s Music Mentor Series

Pick an interest and we’ll help you learn more about it—each week, all for free

The Music Mentor Series was created to help people of all levels learn about the instruments and gear ‭they can use to make the music they love. There are a variety of free hour-long classes and workshops offered each week at your local store, which offer a chance to get hands-on with the gear and an opportunity to ask questions as they come up. There are also convenient online classes taught by artists and product specialists that are geared toward specific brands and products, offering an in-depth look at the coolest gear available. With online classes being added all the time and the in-store ‭Recording Made Easy sessions for GarageBand, Pro Tools and other software, to guitar, bass and uke ‭lessons, drum circles, drum and cymbals classes and more, there’s something for just about anyone. See the class schedule or ask an associate for details.‬‬‬

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