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GC Garage Pedal Mod Webinar

Join us for an exclusive webinar, where a certified GC Garage specialist will show various types of pedal modifications available … Read More →

MXR Pedal Webinar

Join Dunlop senior engineer Bob Cedro and Bay Area guitarist Tal Morris for a presentation discussing the origins and legacy … Read More →

TC Electronic Reverb, Delay and Tone Print Webinar with Brian Nutter

Join us for an informative TC Electronic webinar, featuring Nashville studio and touring guitarist Brian Nutter. Currently on tour with … Read More →

TC Electronic Ditto and Ditto X2 with Paul Gilbert

Join us for an informative TC Electronic Ditto Looper webinar, featuring legendary guitarist Paul Gilbert. Gilbert is know for both … Read More →

Boss OD-1X and DS-1X Webinar

Join us for this special Pedal Month webinar, sponsored by Roland/BOSS and hosted by self-professed “Guitar Nerd”, Pete Thorn (Chris … Read More →

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